Eyeletting machines for tarpaulins

The tarpaulin sector uses various materials and machines to create products for use on several levels and in many sectors.

We have presses, little presses and automatic machines for the application of eyelets, also with a large diameter, and eyelets with washer (vela). Our machines are able to pierce curtains and tarpaulins and to apply eyelets of different diameters in an automatic and semi-automatic way.

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Products with attention to every detail

Tarpaulins entail the application of different subsequent processes and the use of high-performance machinery. Moreover, automated plants can be used for a more precise and rapid production.

Thanks to carefully designed software, electronic management of the motor and of all the functions is entrusted to a microprocessor that incorporates both a re-settable partial meter and a totaliser meter. In this way, it is possible to have improved and easy management of the entire process.

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