Leather goods sector

Machinery for leather goods sector

We offer our customers machines for leather goods including buttons, eyelets and male and female rivets applying machines.

For years, we have stood out on the market as one of the leading manufacturers of machinery for the leather goods sector and the production of leather goods and other similar products.

Visit the pages dedicated to the machines and radically change your production process: improve your performance! Discover the characteristics of the machines and trust our assistance team to find the best plants for your needs!


Products with attention to every detail

The creation of products with perfect finishes entails the use of top-quality raw materials and the use of high-performance machinery. Only in this way can you create articles with attention to every detail and with high quality finishes.

Indeed, everything starts from the choice of the right processing for each material and each product. Specifically, the leather goods sector requires the use of precision machinery able to perform the necessary processes rapidly and in an automated way while maintaining perfect levels of precision.

By choosing our machines, you can make leather goods with attention to every detail and perfectly in line with the design and initial idea. Contact us for more information: fill in the form and ask for the assistance of our team!