Eyeletting machine for car mats

The perfect car requires meticulous care of every detail of the upholstery and not only. For this reason, it is important to use the right machines for the creation of elements with impeccable finishes.

In particular, our automatic eyeletting machine for the application of plastic eyelets on car mats is able to achieve high performance levels and excellent results. Choosing our machines, you will have the possibility of using high-performance plants, synonymous with quality and speed.

Our eyeletting machine is designed for plastic eyelets and to feed washers of a particular shape that are normally fed manually.

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eyeletting machine-for-car-mats

Choose our machines for greater speed

Thanks to the electronic management of the motor and all of its functions, performed by a microprocessor that incorporates a re-settable partial meter and a totaliser meter, our eyeletting machine designed for the automotive sector guarantees speed and precision in every application.

Indeed, the theoretical speed of application is around 40 eyelets per minute. Moreover, with a simple setting you can also work without washer.

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