Industry 4.0

Applying machines in Industry 4.0

Thanks to the experience gained in the sector and a constant drive towards the research and development of machines able to meet the needs of Industry 4.0, we design and produce digitalised and interconnected machines for the application of buttons, holes and eyelets.

In an increasingly automated and technologically advanced industry, it is essential to fulfil every single request and order. The use of presses, eyeletting machines, riveting machines and other semi-automatic and automatic applying machines in our manufacturing processes will improve efficiency, helping you to achieve increasingly ambitious goals. Our service dedicated to Industry 4.0 extends to all the machines and includes remote assistance provided by our team.

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Moving to an Industry 4.0 model is worthwhile

For some years, an industrial revolution has been taking place that is leading to an increasingly digitalised and automated business and production model.

Moving to an Industry 4.0 model is worthwhile from different points of view also in a sector like ours. Specifically, on a market that demands evermore rapid, while at the same time efficient deliveries, it is of paramount importance to automate every process.

If you choose our customised and standard machines, you will receive the full support of our team that will take care of every need through assistance over the telephone, by email, on site and remotely, using IoT technologies. Do you want to know more? Contact us for more information and to request a detailed quote, we are at your complete disposal!