Automatic riveting machines for packaging

There is space also for packaging in our reference sectors. We have automatic riveting machines for packaging and machines for the assembly of collapsible wooden and plywood crates as well as machines for the application of rivets in depth.

Our machines are ideal for the production of boxes and all other types of industrial packaging: they will allow you to obtain perfect products with attention to every detail.

Visit the dedicated sections and discover the characteristics of each machine. Fill out the form to receive more information and request a detailed quote: our team is at your complete disposal.

automatic-riveting machines-for-packaging

Greater performance, greater quality

Our machines are designed to offer you maximum performance at all times and to create impeccable products with attention to every detail.

Indeed, improved performance corresponds to impeccable, resistant and completely ergonomic products with any finish.  Our machines can be adapted for the application of any type of rivet, to create products that are in line with the initial design. Moreover, our numerical control plants allow easier management of the entire process, guaranteeing the production of high-performance elements.

Contact us for more information and to ask for the support of our team: we will help you improve the performance of your entire production process!