Laboratory and technical office

Everything starts from the design

The production of our machines starts in our laboratory where we develop a CAD design using 4 solid modellers. We provide our customers with the layout of the machine and, where requested, also an overall vision of the plant.

We deal with the in-house production of the machines and the development of their management software, programmed according to the needs expressed. Our programmable eyeletting and riveting machines are produced fully in-house.

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We develop the software of our machines in-house

Realizziamo internamente i software delle nostre macchine

The relationship between the mechanical part of a machine and its software is well-known; if the design is incorporated, the result is guaranteed.

In-house development of the software allows us to best meet every need with the proper customisation procedures. In this respect, we also offer out customers a 360° assistance service, also remotely and using the most advanced IoT technologies.

Our assistance service covers all of our machines and our specialists offer customers full support.

Not just design

Besides the development of our software, having an in-house workshop means we can produce accessories using CNC machines.

The manufacturing stage follows on closely from the design one, achieved also through cooperation with the customer’s technical office. In this way, we guarantee the use of machines that are perfectly in line with the needs expressed and we propose ad hoc solutions.

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